Our Sunlighten M-Pulse Sauna is the most advanced infrared sauna in the world backed by years of research. It uses a blend of advanced 3 in 1 (Near, Mid & Far) healing light technology.

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An initial assessment (first visit) in our office is $110. This establishes what care is needed and visits after this are $64.
We have a special offer Club Lime Members. Instead of paying the normal $110 for your initial assessment we have reduced it to $64. This is a thank you to the amazing community we are part of and those looking after their health already should be rewarded.

Our fees are in line with the recommended fees set by the Australian Chiropractic Association and are regularly reviewed.

All care plans include: 

  • A thorough Chiropractic examination
  • A complete report of our findings
  • Specific care recommendations
  • Helpful home care procedures
  • Patient education and information
  • Effective, on-time visits
  • Periodic progressive assessments
  • Prevention and wellness strategies…

…all while respecting your health goals.

We have HICAPS and credit card facilities available.

We also have ‘Individual’, ‘Couples’ and ‘Family’ yearly care plan options available.

For further information on our fees including for aged pensioners simply call one of our friendly team on (03) 9436 8581.